One of the wonders of parenting is being able to learn who your child is, their personality, interests, sense of humor, and dislikes. On the other hand, one of the biggest challenges is learning how your child reacts in certain situations, when things don’t go the way they expected, or how to talk to them when they have become withdrawn. Working with a therapist can provide an outlet for children who need a trusted ally who they can talk to and work through various challenges with.

Our approach involves creating a nurturing and comfortable environment where children of all ages can open up and talk about what they are struggling with. Life Skills Awareness uses a variety of techniques, including play therapy to help therapists gain insight into a child’s mind, especially when they are having difficulty opening up. Play therapy uses tools like the arts, music, crafts, dancing, and toys to create an outlet for expression.

For young teens, the transition into adulthood comes up with a variety of struggles, such as body issues, identify confusion, defiance, school issues, or anxiety. We aim to help them develop coping strategies and understand the difference between what their perception of a certain situation can be and reality. These methods will teach them how to adapt their thinking in order to prevent feeling bad about themselves.

If you believe your child could benefit from working with a children’s therapist, get in touch with Life Skills Awareness today.