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What You Need to Know About Teletherapy Counseling

Over the past decade, the awareness and acceptance regarding mental health and counseling has only grown, and fortunately so, as real people with real problems have been able to have access to the support and services they need. With the rise of the coronavirus pandemic and the current political turmoil enveloping the world, the need for these counseling services has increased by the day. However, with the current social distancing expectations induced by the coronavirus, the access to these counseling services has not been as ideal.

That’s where teletherapy comes in. With an ever growing variety of video conference platforms on the market, the ability to virtually have a counseling session has emerged as an incredibly powerful and effective tool for counseling and therapy services all over the world. Life Skills Awareness in Hesperia is proud to provide online teletherapy counseling services to individuals looking for mental health support. Our team of dedicated counseling professionals can offer a variety of virtual counseling styles and services to you, wherever you may be in the world. Keep reading to learn a bit more about teletherapy mental health, and how Life Skills Awareness can help you.

Teletherapy Counseling

Teletherapy is like any other therapy or counseling services, offering a safe space where you can discuss the mental health issues troubling you with a licensed and supportive mental health professional. The only difference for online teletherapy services is that safe space is a virtual one, with the interaction between therapist and patient happening over a video conference platform rather than in person. This can offer a variety of benefits to both patient and counselor. For counselors, the biggest benefit is the lack of need for an expensive physical office, and the ability to reach more clients. The freedom for scheduling a wider range of times for a counseling session, as well as removing the burden of a physical distance and long commutes allows a counselor to provide their services on their schedule, which allows them to reach more patients and improve their counseling skills. The minimal financial burden of teletherapy also generally means a more affordable session for patients.

For the patient, teletherapy counseling provides a variety of benefits, including affordability and accessibility, as well a personalized schedule and increased privacy. Teletherapy services are generally cheaper than an in-person counseling session, and the virtual nature of it means that a counseling session can be organized around your schedule and location, rather than the other way around. The virtual nature of a teletherapy counseling session also allows for more accessibility if you are out of town or indisposed, as well as allowing for more privacy by avoiding a physical office and/or waiting room.

With the incredible amount of online interconnectedness available to the public, teletherapy offers a more accessible and affordable offering of counseling services to any individual with a device and an internet connection. This, combined with the ease it provides to the counselor as well, means that teletherapy can improve the counseling experience for everyone. While the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has more or less forced the growth and usage of teletherapy counseling, it has also shown how incredibly useful and effective teletherapy counseling can be.

Teletherapy Mental Health Services - Life Skills Awareness

Mental health awareness is a critical aspect of a healthy lifestyle, an aspect that has been undervalued or unaccepted through a lot of human history. But as we understand more about just how valuable it is, and how we can work on it through counseling services, we can better understand how to improve ourselves and the lives we lead. Life Skills Awareness is proud to provide these services anyway we can, including teletherapy counseling services. Contact us today and see how we can help you.