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Professional Development

Improve Growth, Development, Job Satisfaction, and Retention of Your Employees

Professional Development Is Key

When it comes to improving your life, improving the quality of your professional experiences is also an important part of staying mentally healthy and ready to handle anything. Whether you work in an office setting, you’re working on labor or construction sites, in retail or anything in between, finding a healthy work-life balance is about more than unplugging from work once your shift is over. It’s also about ensuring that you’re healthy while at work by setting boundaries, cooperating and coordinating with your coworkers, and finding the best and healthiest ways to complete the work you are responsible for throughout the day. At Life Skills Awareness, our team of mental health service professionals is here to help you with professional development services that benefit your mental health so you can live a happier, healthier life!

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EQi 360

This program is designed to help you by getting information from those all around you in your professional setting. Through the use of manager, peer, and subordinate assessments, the EQi 360 takes an in-depth look at employee strengths in the workplace.

This program is designed to also take a look at areas where you can potentially further develop your skills, abilities, and knowledge. These areas of focus are designed to optimize your experience and improve your maximum personal function while at work in addition to helping you improve your job performance.

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Conflict Mediation

Every work environment consists of people from different backgrounds, ethnicity, religions, and cultures. Especially as the world continues to progress and move forward, there are more opportunities available for employees to work in all kinds of environments, industries, and occupations. While this expansion of horizons and breaking down of barriers is often a more positive step for people seeking work, sometimes different people and personalities just clash or simply don’t get along for one reason or another. What it’s important to remember is that there are ways to mediate conflicts within the workplace that can keep everyone feeling safer, happier, and more productive. While you are working to build your conflict mediation skills, you’ll learn to ask yourself important questions and so much more in order to hone your abilities. Are there really two sides to every story? No, but there are different perceptions, and that’s what can make all the difference in a conflict. Instead of focusing on the problem, you’ll learn to find solutions as well as guide your fellow coworkers toward those solutions, too.

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Workplace Interpersonal Communication

Most people know that building your interpersonal communication skills is essential in every workplace. These skills will help you build effective processes in which you express your thoughts, convert your thoughts into a well-developed message, then convey that message efficiently. Whether you’re communicating via oral, visual, or written communication channels, ensuring that your message is clear, concise, and meaningful is the goal of professional communication. In the realm of interpersonal communication, it’s also important to remember that every person sends messages with body language, such as posture and movement, eye contact or lack thereof, voice tone and clarity, gestures and facial expressions, appearance, use of humor, listening skills, and spoken language. Any and all of these factors play into how a message is received by another person, and sometimes these messages aren’t delivered the way the sender intended. When this happens, it can create a possible misunderstanding between the sender and receiver, causing conflicts or other issues. Instead of dealing with these issues because of an accidental miscommunication, developing your professional interpersonal communication skills can ensure that you are able to convey information effectively and efficiently to coworkers.

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