Whether you’re meeting with your therapist individually, with a sibling, parents, or the whole family, we will take a look at what each person believes is wrong, and together we will determine what needs to change, and what the process of resolving the issue looks like.

Family dynamics are complex, with each member’s unique needs, perspectives, and opinions — but ultimately, each family is seen as a whole and is a makeup of each member. With various relationships within a family, there are bound to be disagreements, but through family therapy sessions, you can trust that issues will be resolved in a way that achieves understanding and acceptance.

As an individual, we will look to have a conversation about what life was like growing up with your family, the relationships that were formed, and what those relationships look like currently. If you are struggling with a certain area of your life, we can look for answers through these relationships.

Whatever you needs are, you can trust in the family therapists and counselors at Life Skills Awareness. Get in touch with us today to learn more or to set up an appointment.