Whether something happened to you directly or you were exposed to a traumatic event, PTSD can occur for a variety of reasons. At Life Skills Awareness, we strive to help clients cope with the symptoms, whatever they may be for you specifically.

There are a range of PTSD symptoms, including:

  • Re-living the event through stressful flashbacks, dreams, or memories.
  • Becoming numb to and avoiding people, places, or activities that are reminders of the event.
  • Easily becoming anxious, irritated, or angered, having trouble sleeping or concentrating.

With a dedicated and experienced therapist on your side, we can create a list of your own goals for each session. We will also help determine what triggers your symptoms, how they are affecting your quality of life, and how they may be affecting your relationships.

The counselors at Life Skills Awareness understand that getting started may be the hardest part, but we can assure you that seeking help is the best way to find relief from symptoms. We strive to create an environment where you will feel comfortable and safe, making the journey as simple as possible.

If you have experienced a traumatic event and want relief from PTSD symptoms, get in touch with our therapists today.