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Trust Beneficiaries

Trust Beneficiaries Service

The intent of most people in setting up trust accounts for their loved ones is so that they can utilize the money they are leaving behind to enhance and/or supplement their lives. Unfortunately, this is most often not the case. Many beneficiaries experience stress, anxiety, depression, feeling overwhelmed, and have no idea what to do to enhance their lives and begin making decisions that have a negative outcome. Some lack the knowledge on how to manage a basic budget and be deficient in specific life skill assets. Getting used to the idea of having access to a large amount of money is life changing and requires the ability to transition and modify thoughts and behaviors. For example, quitting a job, or dropping out of school to live off trust account funds. It’s just not a practical idea nor advantageous for future sustainability. Just because the money is there doesn’t mean that you’re prepared to use it the way it was left for you to use.

Clients will learn about:

• Living on a trust funds vs. living with a trust fund

• What it means for them to have a trust account

• Generation funds vs. short-term funds

• Personal perception on how trust funds are viewed

• How to communicate with trust officers, attorneys, and/or bank officers

• How previous experiences effect decisions made today

• Simple budgeting – Personal finances

• Triggers to inappropriate behaviors and targeted behavioral changes

• Time management

• Spending addiction

• The importance of a career

• Wants vs. needs



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