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Common Child Behaviors to Expect After the COVID-19 Break

Life Skills Awareness is an organization based in California and Nevada with an established aim of helping the younger members of society with life skills on different issues. We aim to help anyone who reaches out to us, and through counseling, we can help students who might experience problems in school after the COVID-19 break.

In the past several months, the pandemic patterns have changed drastically, leaving the students uncertain about what to expect during school hours.

Some of the students have lost their loved ones to COVID-19. This might create fear among students considering that they may be in larger gatherings. Therefore, it is likely that these students are going to display anxiety and other related behaviors, which might include:

1. Paranoia Among the Students

COVID-19 is spread through close contact with an infected person. The large numbers of COVID cases are alarming because you never know who is infected or not. Therefore, going back to school could trigger child behaviors like paranoia, in which case the students are afraid to socialize with their friends to avoid being affected.

2. Withdrawal of Some Students

Students who have lost their loved ones to the pandemic are likely to keep to themselves in fear that people might stigmatize them, harming their mental health. If you see this type of behavior, reach out to us at Life Skills Awareness and help save a child from depression.

3. Increased Cases of Bullying

Bullying may be common in diverse schools towards some students because of their racial background. Since the pandemic began in China, some people have made life difficult for Asians without considering that we have all been affected. Therefore, some of the Asian students can be bullied by other students or blamed for the pandemic.

4. Uncertainty on School Matters

Children are likely to experience uncertainty concerning the school calendar. Students will have high anxiety levels since they do not know how long they will be in school or if the pandemic will force them to return home again.

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It is normal for a child's behavior to change under different circumstances. However, our responsibility is to ensure that all students are well looked after and get the right help. Most of the time, we are oblivious to the behaviors our children display and end up noticing when it is too late to reverse. Here at Life Skills Awareness, we offer quality counseling services at affordable prices. Be sure to reach out and create an appointment in California or Nevada before or during this next school year.