At Life Skills Awareness, you will work one on one with a professional mental health therapist who can help you work through any issue you are facing. We provide counseling for children ages 5 and up, teenagers, adults, families and couples.

There are many different forms of therapy and each therapist works individually with each person to figure out the best tools and techniques to be used for that person. Therapy is not one size fits all and we will work with you to find the best solutions for your life.

Our work includes:

1. Talk therapy
2. Play therapy
3. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

We proudly specialize in treating the following:

Depressive Disorders
Bipolar and Related Disorders
Schizophrenia Spectrum and other Psychotic Disorders
Trauma and Stressor-related Disorders
Personality Disorders
Gender Dysphoria
Supervised Child Visitations
Anxiety Disorders
Dual Diagnosis Conditions
Substance and Alcohol Abuse
Anger Management
Domestic Violence
Parent-Relational Issues
Life Skills

Psycho education or educating the patient on the symptoms and possible causes of the things relating to their mental health and their lives such as anxiety, depression, boundaries, co-dependency and communication.

1. Goal setting
2. Coping skills
3. Communication skills
4. Anger management

If you have ever had struggles with relationships, self-esteem and confidence, being able to communicate with others, anger, depression, anxiety, psychosis or any other mental health diagnosis, then our therapists will be able to help you.