Therapy Services

For victims of domestic violence, the trauma from physical or psychological abuse can stay with them long after the abuse has happened. This trauma can make everything about living your life with the experience of domestic violence that much harder, whether it’s coping with current abuse, recovering from abuse in your past, or even considering reentering the dating pool. Trauma is a very real experience, and our counselors at Life Skills Awareness have the experience, compassion, and skills required to help you through it. We offer a variety of counseling services and therapy techniques that can support your coping process, mitigate the effects of PTSD, and help you feel back in control of your mind and life.

Contractual Psychoeducation Services

As much as we must condemn the actions of domestic violence offenders, we also need to take the steps towards rehabilitation and education in order to limit the likelihood of future offenses, and all offenses in general. Life Skills Awareness is partnered with a variety of county departments in San Bernardino, as well as the County’s Superior Court Family Law and Child Protective Services Department to provide contractual/court-ordered psychoeducation services. These departments refer clients and offenders to our agency in order to provide effective reeducation and rehabilitation services, so we can inform and educate those who have committed abuse, and ideally educate them on the deep error of their actions. You can learn more about the curriculum below.

NCTI Curriculum

The curriculum for these classes are created by the National Curriculum Training Institute, or NCTI, and are designed to combine evidence-based information with behavior-changing tools and exercises, meant to not only minimize problematic behaviors, but induce lifelong growth and skills. These classes are designed to engage and educate men and women who have abused their partners, to provide the resources and teachers necessary to show them the responsibility they have for their actions, how violence and control are not the answers to their problems, and how they can effectively navigate interpersonal relationships and conflict in a nonviolent manner.