1. What You Need to Know About Teletherapy Counseling

    Over the past decade, the awareness and acceptance regarding mental health and counseling has only grown, and fortunately so, as real people with real problems have been able to have access to the support and services they need. With the rise of the coronavirus pandemic and the current political turmoil enveloping the world, the need for these counseling services has incre…Read More

  2. What You Need to Know About 5150 and 5585 Codes

    As society has evolved over the past 50 years, so too has the understanding and treatment of people with mental conditions and disabilities. The current standards are still a far cry from the level of support and treatment these people need, especially with how much more we understand about these diagnoses and conditions. But we have also made some incredible progress from…Read More

  3. Military Counseling: What You Need to Know

    The brave men and women who serve in our armed forces experience a very unique set of environments and requirements during their service careers, and these experiences can vary greatly based off of military branch, rank, location, etc. But the severe and traumatic events that some service members might experience in combat, combined with the intense commitment of serving o…Read More

  4. What Does Therapy Really Look Like?

    For those who are new to the process of counseling, it can feel a little overwhelming. In many cases, you might not be sure of what you’ll actually do, how long you’ll be in therapy, or what you’ll accomplish. Some have the idea that therapy involves lying on a couch and talking about your childhood. While that can be part of the counseling process, it’s not the on…Read More

  5. Welcome!

    Welcome to the new site of Life Skills Awareness! We're so excited about the opportunity to partner with you wherever you are in life!  Stay tuned for updates here in our blog.…Read More